Pierce Elliott

Hailing from the Northern Chicagoland area, Pierce "Peezy" Elliot is a Hip-Hop artist with a versatile 90s vibe. Falling in love with writing and performing arts in high school, Elliot pursued his passions at Columbia College Chicago where he received his bachelor's degree in Music Business Management.

During his tenure, he worked with Grammy-nominated and winning artists such as Planet Asia and CBMIX. The latter who produced smash hits such as Lil Pumps, “Esskeetit” and Chance The Rappers, “Mixtape” feat. Lil Yachty & Young Thug. CBMIX would go on to produce "Down Girls" on Elliott's freshmen album, "The Commute" in 2017. Music videos for both “Effort” and "Ex-Files" would soon follow. Both were released in 2018 with much critical acclaim.

As of 2020, the first track “This Ride” (produced by Soundtrakk) was released off his upcoming sophomore album entitled "The Commute To". In Pierce's own words, “We create music that makes people want to understand where we're from and where we're going.” Elliott has a promising future ahead of himself and a true shot to make an impact on the culture.